The Path


Right View

Right View is the view that leads to the most positive outcome or the most happiness and success for yourself and others. 

Perhaps the best way to explain Right View is to give examples. 

                                                      The Barking Dog

Say for example you are walking your dog. One of the dogs in the neighborhood likes to bark really loud then you walk by the fence.  Often we might think that the dog is really mean and the owner must be careless to have such a dog.  We might yell at the dog and give the owner a mean look when we see him. 


Now let's say the next time we see the dog, we realize that it's in a dog's nature to protect his property and realize that our dog might bark at people passing by our house.  You understand the situation better and smile at the owner and tell him that your dog does the same thing and laughs. 



Right intention

Right Speach