Attacked by a Dog

One day I was walking my dog, Oliver. It was a quiet morning on a street we walk every day.

A quarter of the way through our walk, I could see a medium to large-sized dog running around by himself. I didn't think much of it, as I was only half awake having just woke up about 15 minutes ago.

As we got closer, the dog suddenly ran over to us and started trying to bit Oliver. Being so sleepy, It all happened so suddenly. I managed to kick the dog away a couple of times but at such a close distance it didn't have much effect other than to make the dog angrier.

Oliver suddenly ran around me tripping me with his leash. If I was still 20 something, I would have been ok. But at 52 and half asleep, I was on the ground before I knew it.

I got back up as fast as I could to try to protect Oliver not totally aware of my injuries.

At the time I thought this was a stray dog. A woman with another dog on a leash started to come over. I started to put the pieces together This was her dog that got loose.

As the woman got closer, her dog on the leash started to bark at me viciously and the dog that was attaching Oliver started to get bolder like some kind of pack instinct.

A neighbor a couple of houses down asked if we needed any help and ran over and grabbed the leash of the other dog. The owner picked up the dog without a leash and said she was sorry. She started to walk away but her dog wiggled free and came back at us again. She picked him up and walked away.

Understanding that it was over, I began to figure out what the damage was. Three of my knuckles on my right hand were bloddy my right elbow and my right knee were scraped up. My left elbow was swollen.

With what happened, I could have been angry. Angry at the dog for attacking Oliver. Angry at the lady for letting her get loose. But I had been reading about compassion and understanding recently and tried to put what I had learned to use.

Instead of just reacting and getting angry I tried to understand the situation from all angles.

I could be angry at the dog but he is a dog and is close to his house. This may just be guard dog instinct protecting his house. Oliver might do the same in a similar circumstance. He barks pretty mean like when kids walk past the fence.

I could be angry at the lady for letting him get loose. But I figured that things like that happen. How often has Oliver slipped through a door or gate before I could stop him. Once the leash clasp malfunctioned and He ran off.

Then I realized that she felt sorry for what happened because she said she was sorry and it sounded sincere. I think the dogs were a bit much for her to handle.

So, the moral of the story? Try to fully understand the situation before getting angry or worse. Try to put yourself in others shoes to see their point of view before judging. The world would be a much nicer place to live in if everone did.

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